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We release our online store! Now you can buy comfortably from anywhere safely. With this new service we want to get closer to our customers and offer them the best service. How does it work? Simply choose the products you need, the units and add them to the shopping cart.

When you are ready, end your purchase and proceed to the payment, we will send you a tracking code of the shipment as soon as it leaves our warehouses.

Our commitment with you is not ending here, we will continue adding new products of the best quality so that you have them at your disposal whenever you want.

Wide variety of products

In the Slingflex online store you will find all the products we have in stock, it is very easy to navigate between the different categories!

We also offer special prices for customers who buy through the online store, all are advantages!

The products are organized into categories for your convenience.

If you want to search for products in a faster way, you can also use the different navigation sections in the sidebar, this allows you to locate the products you usually visit, the ones you have recently seen or to search by prices.

The different filters and search options will make your visit more comfortable.

The same options, easier

In the Slingflex online store you will find our products in the same way that if you visited us, each of the products we offer has the necessary options for your projects, do you need a sling of some specific measures? Simply choose the one that suits you best.

You can also choose the units you need, remember you can check the discount table to get great deals and special prices depending on the units you buy.

Buying a large number of units means an immediate discount on your purchase.

If you have visited us before, we will recommend products related to your previous searches, the idea is that you find the best solution for your needs, you may not know a product and we have it ready for you, our extensive experience allows us to know what products they usually complement each other.

These related products are a great way to discover new options and the latest Slingflex news.

Related products will be displayed as you visit our online store.

Your confidence is the most important thing

And that is why we have put all our effort to offer you a secure purchase, we collaborate with one of the largest online payment companies, Comercia Global Payments, the eCommerce solution of “la Caixa” with extensive experience in the online sector.

This is a secure and encrypted connection with which your data will not be shared with anyone, not even we will have access to your credit card information, only the bank will have that capacity. Peace of mind for you and our best effort to give you the best service.

At the end of your purchase you will access the payment gateway, a secure and encrypted service for your peace of mind.

In addition, working with one of the most important providers in the sector allows us to offer the latest features, such as automatic currency exchange, a variety of payment methods, especially Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and the 3D Secure authentication service.

Online but close to you

Offering an online service means comfort, but we remain at your disposal for any questions or information. The sales technicians of Slingflex are dynamic and efficient and will accompany you in your purchase through telephone ((+34) 981 296 344) and in our email (

Because we want to make it easy for you, without forgetting that being close to you is what makes us great and pushes us to be better.

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