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We are committed to the quality, service and safety of our customers. Our products are analyzed and tested to ensure their strength and durability under the most demanding conditions. All our references comply with the specific UNE-EN regulations, which together with our ISO 9001: 2015 quality system guarantees the highest technical requirements. With a wide range of products such as steel cables, slings, shackles, chains, moorings and accessories, we provide a solution tailored to each company.

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Our products

As manufacturers and wholesalers we know and understand the special demands of our customers. Our products are our guarantee, and our satisfied customers for more than 25 years our best letter of introduction. If you need something, we listen to you. Contact our sales department.

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Steel ropes

The high quality of our steel cables in all their compositions, allow to find the optimal product for any market application. Manufactured various regulations such as EN 12385-1: 2002 + A1: 2008,
our range covers different compositions, diameters and finishes, in compliance with Directive 42/2006 / CE. Our own cable slings, in cables with nominal resistances 1960 N / mm2 and standard EN 13414-1, are a perfect and economical product for safe lifting.

Polyester slings

The lifting slings are manufactured in compliance with the Standards EN 1492-1: 2008 and EN 1492-2: 2008, with high tenacity polyester (PESMCAT) resistant and durable. They are a flexible and economical product for the lifting of diverse materials, and their coding by CEN colors makes them easy to identify with the naked eye. Its safety factor is the highest of all the lifting aids, with a breaking load of 7 times its working load WLL – Working Load Limit.

High Resistance G-80 and G-100

The chain and lifting accessories in Grade 80 and Grade 100 are the most resistant material for special lifting maneuvers, where conditions and friction with other materials could seriously damage other types of products. Manufactured under the standards EN 818, EN 1677 and EN 13889 in different sections are easily configurable according to needs and applications, adapting to the technical criteria of each maneuver.

Cargo Mooring

Fast and safe solutions to tie the load, is a constant demand in the transport sector, either by rail or sea. Our products, both in high tenacity polyester, as in steel chain or cable in compliance with EN 12195 in its various sections, guarantee products that ensure the load according to the Real Decreto 563/2017. Consult the European guide of best practices in the mooring of loads clicking here.

Cable Accessories

With a wide range of references and stock, we have specialized in chain DIN 766 and DIN 5688 / A and accessories for stainless steel cable in AISI 304 and 316. Our terminals, cable ties, tensioners, etc, are perfect for assembly in installation of rails, rigging for yachts, as well as for fishing and livestock applications. Agriculture, livestock and fisheries are our sectorial base, and the demand for a quality product from our clients gives us a responsibility that we have been observing for years. Not all stainless steel is the same, we do know of certified quality

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Our sales technicians know in depth the needs of each sector, offering you a customized product with a personalized service.

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Quick response in your language, visits to your premises, participation in trade fairs, we want to meet you!


We offer products for industry, construction, nautical, fishing, rafting, elevators, cliff protection, ports, mining, forestry, railways, etc.

Custom production

Do not spend more than the account, we adapt to your needs. Slings, assembly of chains, steel cables and accessories.

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We seek excellence, so we want to be close to your business giving you facilities. Quality, transportation, payment on credit, insurance.

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Our products are adapted to all types of needs, visit our online store to know them.



Greater profitability when optimizing the operation of your cranes by using the most suitable equipment.



Steel cables and accessories that allow you to meet your safety and precision objectives.



Our steel cables are carefully selected to provide optimal resistance to the stresses of the maritime environment.



Steel cables, chains or belts, we serve all your needs with a wide range of solutions.



Steel cables, cables or fishing nets, we can satisfy your requirements in terms of quality and cost.



Guaranteed products from production to final use, quality and service for our customers.

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Being up-to-date with the products and services of the industry allows us constant innovation.

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Presentamos nuestra nueva web

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Our products are adapted to all types of needs, visit our online store to know them.

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